What a Typical Day Looks Like for a Quotit User

Whether you work at a large brokerage or you sell insurance as a side hustle, at Quotit, we believe in helping insurance agents reach their full potential at work. To this end, we build comprehensive insurance software that is designed to help agents like you work faster and more effectively than ever before.

An inside look at our tools


We followed a Quotit user through a typical day in the life of an insurance agent using our software to show you exactly how our tools work in your day-to-day flow.

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Chapter 1

How Quotit Improves the Sales Process for Insurance Agents

As every insurance agent knows too well, the sales process can be an arduous one. You have to spend time helping clients and prospects pick the perfect insurance products for their needs. Beyond health insurance, you may need to match them with ancillary insurance products, too—including dental, vision, critical illness, and more. Suffice it to say that the process takes a lot of time. And if there’s one thing insurance agents can agree on, time is a luxury.


On the sales front, Quotit’s insurance agency software helps agents move faster than they’ve traditionally been able to. With that in mind, here are four ways Quotit improves the sales process for insurance agents every day.

1. Pulling a quote


If you’ve ever had to manually pull quotes for your clients, you know how time-consuming and laborious the process can be. 


Quotit’s insurance agency software provides the fastest way to pull quotes for all kinds of insurance plans. Simply select your criteria (e.g., off-exchange health insurance in New York for a 50-year-old male), and your options will be quickly displayed, with all of the information you need to help your clients make the best decisions. Identify the best-fit policy options with more than 40,000 plans from 300-plus carriers.



2. Building a proposal


Traditionally, building proposals has also been a massive time suck—particularly because prospects and clients might not always agree to the proposals you send out. Quotit makes building proposals incredibly easy with a built-in wizard that guides you through the process quickly. 


Just click on the type of product you’re looking for and indicate when the coverage should start. Instantly, a variety of qualified plans will pop up, and you can add the one you want to an Amazon-style shopping cart. Click on tabs to toggle between health insurance, dental, vision, accident, critical illness, and more to repeat the process. Once you’ve selected your options, you can review your proposal and send it over when you’re happy with it. Say goodbye to pulling detailed data, formatting it, distributing it, and tracking your progress by hand.



3. Comparing plans


Instead of forcing you to hop from site to site and tab to tab in your browser, Quotit enables you to easily compare a number of plans in a single view. 


You’ll be able to see information about deductibles, coinsurance, copays, what’s covered, whether doctors are in-network, and more, side by side, making it that much easier to help clients find the plan that is perfect for their circumstances. Build truly customized plans for your clients based on their unique needs, and empower them to find solutions on their own.


4. Enrolling in plans


After you’ve spent hours helping a client find the plan that works best for them, the last thing you want is to have to devote even more time to completing the enrollment process. 


Quotit makes it easier than ever to enroll in plans. In fact, the software enables clients to buy plans at their own convenience. All they have to do is enter basic information, answer a few questions about themselves, choose a payment option, review all of their information, and acknowledge the terms and conditions. It’s the fastest and easiest way to complete the health insurance enrollment process. Using one form, you can distribute information between multiple applications at once online, which can help you expedite the closing of a new customer.


Chapter 2

How Quotit Improves the Marketing Process for Insurance Agents

These days, insurance agents need to wear multiple hats. After all, insurance sales are much easier when robust marketing efforts have already laid the groundwork. With the right approach, marketing can help make prospects more receptive to the message while convincing existing clients that they shouldn’t even think about taking their business elsewhere.


Despite this, insurance agents often struggle to devote enough time to marketing initiatives. After all, there are only so many hours in the day, and there are a ton of other tasks that need attention, too.


Quotit’s insurance broker software can help here, too. By leveraging modern solutions designed specifically to support marketing efforts and accelerate workflows, agents can build stronger marketing programs with less effort.

Here are five ways insurance agents use Quotit to support their marketing campaigns:


1. Viewing contacts from ePro


Say goodbye to clunky spreadsheets, managing your customer data in your address book, and overstuffed filing cabinets. 


Quotit makes it incredibly easy to view all of your contacts who come in from your website. Find client and lead records by searching along any number of criteria (e.g., age, location, and status). Once you track down the record you’re looking for, click on it and see all of the interactions and activity with that account. This functionality alone can result in tremendous time savings.



2. Contact details


Quotit enables you to maintain highly detailed contact information. 


You can keep track of all sorts of data, including email addresses; home, work, and cell numbers; addresses; whether someone is a lead or a client; their preferred language to communicate in; the products they’re interested in; the programs they’re eligible for (e.g., Medicare); census info; and more. 


You can also add policies, see proposal histories, view email histories, see the date of last contact, view application histories, and more. Add it all up, and all the information you need to do your best work is just a few clicks away.


3. Sorting and filtering


Quotit makes it easy to sort and filter through contacts to find the clients and leads you’re looking for. 


Search by record creation date, age, state, county, category, status, and more. Find out which contacts you are currently working with as well as how many clients you have and build out a list for email marketing purposes—all in a few clicks.


4. Email marketing outreach


Use Quotit to expedite your email marketing efforts. The software includes built-in email templates that enable you to send personalized emails quickly. 


Remind clients and leads when the annual enrollment period is ending soon, when it’s starting soon, and even when it’s currently underway. Once you’ve created an email from a template, you’ll receive a prompt and can review your note before you send it out.


5. Using an autoresponder


You can also configure Quotit to automatically send out messages to people who’ve taken certain actions. 


For example, you might set up an autoresponder that welcomes someone who has just signed up for an account and passes along helpful resources and other information. Email marketing plays a big role in insurance sales, from staying in touch with leads to disseminating information about policy changes, open enrollment, and more. Using email marketing automation, you can keep your clients and leads engaged throughout the sales process, getting better results along the way.


Chapter 3

Benefits for Agents and Clients

Quotit’s health insurance software is packed with a robust set of features that enable agents to work smarter and faster. By leveraging technology, agents can reclaim a ton of time that they can then use to focus on other important areas of operations. Here’s how.


1. Pull quotes faster


In the past, insurance agents had to hop from the site of one carrier to another and pull quotes manually when they wanted to present clients with more than one option. Multiply this activity across hundreds of prospects, and all of a sudden, it can seem impossible to find the time to get any other work done.


With Quotit, you are able to pull quotes from many different carriers at once, all based on your clients’ specific needs. This enables you to serve up apples-to-apples comparisons for a variety of plans—all in a few clicks.



icon-profiles2. Keep leads and clients organized


When agents are still relying on paper-based filing systems, spreadsheets, and Outlook contact books, keeping track of all your lead and client data is an incredibly time-consuming endeavor. It’s essentially impossible to stay on top of all of this information and deliver the personalized experiences today’s consumers expect with any sense of urgency.


With support for customer relationship management (CRM) integration, Quotit makes it easier for agents to organize, sort, and filter all of their client- and lead-specific information in one place.




3. Automate email outreach


Consumers today increasingly expect personalized experiences. When it comes to buying insurance, many of them look for agents to become trusted advisors—folks they believe will tell them what they need to know and help them make the best insurance decisions, to the point where they never consider switching agents in the first place.


Without the right tools, it can be difficult—if not altogether impossible—to personalize your interactions.


Good news: Leading CRM solutions have marketing automation tools built into them, which enables agents to trigger emails based on policies that are changing or going away, schedule emails to be sent out on people’s birthdays or as reminders that the annual enrollment period is opening up, and more. As an added bonus, these platforms generate a lot of data, which you can then leverage to continuously optimize your campaigns.



icon-button-hand4. Streamline enrollment


After you’re done pulling quotes, comparing plans, sending proposals, and getting clients to sign on to a plan, the last thing you want is to jump through a number of hoops to actually finalize the enrollment process.


Quotit’s insurance agency software enables agents to enjoy a seamless enrollment process. Once your clients have signed off on a particular plan, you just need to click a few buttons to complete the process.



icon-options5. Make it easy to compare plans


At the end of the day, insurance agents want to make sure they match their clients with the plans that make the most sense for their unique circumstances. As such, a big part of your job is talking with your leads and walking them through their options. Suffice it to say that this is a time-consuming endeavor—but a necessary one.


With Quotit’s health insurance agency software in place, you can put together easy-to-understand templates that make it simple for clients and prospects to compare different plans. It makes their decision easier and increases the chances that you’ll finalize a sale.


icon-hand-heart6. Empower your clients


In 2020, do clients and prospects really need an agent to buy health insurance online? We don’t think so.


In fact, with Quotit’s insurance agency software in place, agencies can empower their customers to buy their own health insurance at their own leisure, even when the team has left the office for the day. It’s an easy way to transform your business into a 24/7 operation that never sleeps—and grow your bottom line because of it.




Chapter 4

Ready to Transform Your Insurance Business with Quotit?

It’s no secret that insurance agents are busier than ever before. From keeping up with evolving regulations and staying on top of changing policies to maintaining an open line of communication with leads and being as responsive to clients’ demands as possible, brokers have an increasing number of responsibilities on their plates.

Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in the day. The good news is that by making shrewd technology investments, health insurance agencies can become more efficient, covering more ground faster while growing their bottom lines. 


As you can see, Quotit’s powerful solutions are designed to help agencies like yours transform into more efficient operations that are more profitable and deliver more value to clients.

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